For years, families and communities have been coming together to build homes, farms and places to meet. Before power-tools and cranes, homes were built with steady hands and hard work. At Sugarcreek Builders, we believe in preserving that heritage found in the hand-crafted, timber-frame structures built by former generations. If you are interested in a rustic style for your home, consider a timber-frame renovation. Our talented team can renovate an existing timber-frame on your property or help you find one and re-erect it for you. These one-of-a-kind buildings cannot be duplicated by modern methods. Each one bares the marks of the original carpenters and the unique design of the trees from which they were cut. Help to preserve the beauty of these natural homes by having your house, barn, or company created using original timber-frame materials.

Sugarcreek Builders specializes in converting vintage timber-frames into modern, livable homes and barns while preserving the rustic look.

Sugarcreek Builders renovates existing timber-frame barns and homes.

As rustic styles of architecture come more back in style, many businesses are going for that vintage look.

We specialize in exterior finishing, framing, roofing and siding using vintage timber-frames.