Sugarcreek, Ohio

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Building with purpose

Each day, more of Ohio’s historic barns are salvaged for lumber or fall into disrepair. By converting these structures into extraordinary living spaces, we hope to work with you to conserve a tradition of craftsmanship. 


Growing up, Myron Graber worked alongside his father dismantling timber frame barns. He came to appreciate the unique details that could be seen in every beam and joint. He started Sugarcreek Builders intent on saving as many of these frames as possible.


Like the early Ohio craftsmen who turned old-growth timber into buildings that could last for centuries, we believe in doing the best we can with what we’ve been given. That includes your trust. 

It’s our privilege to not only be the first Ohioans in generations to work these timbers, but to support clients who want to be a part of living history. 

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We’ve helped many clients create their dream space while preserving Ohio’s historic barns for a new generation.