Sugarcreek, Ohio

Barn Restorations

Structures worth saving

 We can help you preserve your piece of Ohio history before it’s too late. Addressing issues such as insect and water damage is critical to ensuring your timber frame barn does not fall into further disrepair.

Let Us Fix It

Assessing the damage

If you’re ready to invest in saving your timber frame barn, we’ll evaluate what it will take to get it back in shape. Making the necessary repairs now can prevent much bigger issues down the road.

Understanding your structure

There are no beams we can’t replace; however, their location within structure will determine the extent of the work. We’ll also pinpoint the root cause of the damage, so you can prevent problems from reoccurring in the future.

Meeting your needs

Are you looking for a historically accurate restoration or simply to shore up the frame and prevent deterioration? Whether it’s traditional mortise and tenon joinery or the addition of modern steel plates, we’ll provide you with options that make the most sense for your goals.

Featured Project

Dover Party Barn

See how a vintage 19th century timber frame became home to new family traditions.