Sugarcreek, Ohio

Barn Conversions

Living History

From the use of old-growth timbers to handcrafted joinery, Ohio’s barns were built to last for centuries. Find out how you can give these structures new life and bring legendary craftsmanship to your home.  

About Our Barns

Reclaiming A Tradition

We maintain a list of barns that are ready for repurposing. If you’re not renovating an existing structure on your property, we’ll help you find a frame based on your budget and desired living space.  

Making Modifications

Depending on the quality of the frame and design of the original barn, some modifications may be required to meet modern building standards. Whether it’s replacing rotted beams or reworking load bearing elements, our resources and expertise ensure your building is properly engineered. 

Working together

Once your frame, exterior walls and roof are in place, we hand the space back to you to complete the interior design and mechanical systems. We’re happy to work hand-in-hand with your general contractor to make your project a success. 

Featured Project

NewComerstown Barn Home

By renovating a barn built in the early 1900’s, see how we created a space that’s beautiful inside and out.