Sugarcreek, Ohio

Delaware Barn Home

Barn COnversion

DElaware, OHio | German Bank Barn

This beautiful barn home conversion features a sawn oak timber frame structure from a German heritage bank barn. For the project, the client found and purchased the barn and Sugarcreek Builders dismantled, transported and modified the frame to meet the family’s lifestyle needs.

Barn History

During a transitional period from the 1870s to the early 1900s, barns may have been constructed from a mix of sawn and hand hewn timbers. While the shorter beams could be cut using emerging sawmill technology, larger components such as tie-beams and sill plates were still worked by hand.

Because this barn was constructed with 100 percent sawn timbers, we were able to date it to the early 20th century.

Project Details

The frame required several cosmetic, functional and structural changes to create the space the client was envisioning.

The most significant modification was the replacement of the floor structure. However, the original undercarriage and joists were able to be salvaged and converted into flooring. Other enhancements include the addition of a loft, a back porch that features a slate roof from the original barn and a stone fireplace at the gable end of the living room.

The main home was finished with Hardy board siding, a standing seam metal roof and 2×6 exterior walls with fiberglass insulation. In the end, the homeowner was happy with the end result and even pitched in with the project as he was able.